Canonical URLs

Selecting the Canonical URLs checkbox ensures that All in One SEO will add the rel=”canonical” attribute to URLs. While this is supposed to help search engines understand how to handle canonical URLs, it has been found to be largely ineffective.

Rewrite Titles

Selecting the Rewrite Titles check box ensures that no matter which page you find yourself on, the title tag will always be rewritten to make the most sense from an SEO standpoint. Post titles that are set when you create a new page or blog post will be used where applicable, and the home page title tag will be reoriented in a way that is most beneficial for search engine comprehension.

Title Formats

If you select the Canonical URLs check box to allow the All in One SEO plugin to rewrite title tags, the Format fields give you the opportunity to set the order and preference for each type of page. Be especially careful in this area because “placeholder words” are used to represent key data points. By default, the following formats are used:

Post Title Format = %post_title% - %blog_title%
Page Title Format = %page_title% - %blog_title%
Category Title Format = %category_title% - %blog_title%
Archive Title Format = %date% - %blog_title%
Tag Title Format = %tag% - %blog_title%
Search Title Format = %search% - %blog_title%
Description Format = %description%
404 Title Format = Nothing Found for %request_words%
Paged Format = Part %page%