All in One SEO Plugin

If you’re serious about your SEO (and you should be), there is a single plugin that is virtually a requirement for any blog. The All in One SEO plugin automatically takes care of much of what we have already talked about above.

When you install and activate the plugin, from within WordPress or by downloading and installing it from the WordPress plugin repository at All in One SEO plugin, you will find a new top-level navigation item, titled All in One SEO,
in the WordPress Admin. Clicking it brings you to a new administrative menu where you can configure everything about the plugin.

Home Title

The first field you can fill in for the All in One SEO plugin is the Home Title. This value overrides the Blog Title field on the WordPress General Settings page. If you leave it blank, the normal Blog Title is used instead. This value pertains to the title tag.

Home Description

If you leave the Home Description field blank, it defaults to the Blog Tagline set under General Description. However, if you want more control over the text that is listed in the meta description tag, change this option.

Home Keywords

Like Home Description, the Home Keywords field controls a meta tag. Namely, it populates your meta keywords tag with descriptive keywords for your site. Make sure you list all your keywords as comma-separated values (that is, phones, blackberry, mobile, wireless, iPhone, etc…)