WordPress, SEO, and Social Media Marketing

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WordPress, SEO, and Social Media Marketing

The Meta tag boost

An often overlooked, yet highly important, aspect of any blogger’s SEO needs is meta tags. Meta tags are hypertext markup language (HTML) tags that sit in the header area of the page’s source code. They are not viewed by readers unless they take a look at the source code, but search engines view all of them.

Meta keywords tag

The meta keywords tag is an all-important tag that provides over-arching descriptive keywords for the page itself. Below is an example of how an effective meta keyword tag would look. The content of the tag should not be more than 160 characters long because search engines tend to
ignore everything after the first 160 characters.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”phones, cell phones, iPods, gadgets, electronics, consumer electronics, technology, reviews” />

Meta description tag

The meta description tag offers site owners the ability to describe the content of their site for search engines. Like the meta keywords tag, the meta description tag should not be longer than 160 characters. It should be a one-sentence description of what the site is about, as demonstrated below:

<meta name=”description” content=”A technology and consumer electronics news and review site focusing on the mobile device market” />

Search engines will use this text in SERPs if they are unable to find any other descriptive text for the site, so it’s important to get your message across. Likewise, you should try to use keywords that you defined in the meta keywords tag.

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