Redirect New Registered Users to a Specific Page – WordPress: If you require a new user to register on your WordPress site, you might want to redirect them to a specific page upon successful completion. Maybe you want to provide them with some important information or specific download. In the example below the redirect for new registered users is going to be /finished/

Notice how we use forward slash followed by the URL address without placing the full URL like this is because if the URL is on the current domain name ( there is no need to put full domain name just forward slash followed by remaining URL address.

Linking to a URL in this manner makes loading pages faster as the browser knows its loading a page on the same domain name so it does not have to do a 100% refresh of the page elements, scripts, CSS, etc… We are talking about 50% speed increases in some cases.

Redirect New Registered Users to a Specific Page – WordPress. Place the code below in your functions.php file:

function wps_registration_redirect(){
return home_url( '/finished/' );
add_filter( 'registration_redirect', 'wps_registration_redirect' );


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