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Course 1 – Intro To JavaScript You will learn introductory level object oriented programming using ES6 JavaScript. This course sequence covers data types and structures, functions, and object-oriented programming with classical inheritance.

Though you will learn these concepts in the context of ES6 syntax, they are required knowledge for understanding object oriented programming.

Though it is not a prerequisite for most of the content in this sequence, an introductory level understanding of HTML and CSS will make the requests course a more meaningful learning experience.

In the introductory JavaScript courses, you will create JavaScript programs that apply your new programming skills to model real-world problems.

A couple of the projects include: writing the JavaScript logic for a rock paper scissors game, and authoring a script that returns a random response from a magic eight ball.

Why learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is the language of the web. You can use it to add dynamic behavior, store information, and handle requests and responses on a website. The concepts covered in these courses lay the foundation for adding this behavior.