White House, Microsoft, and SAG-AFTRA Address Concerns Over Unauthorized AI Images of Taylor Swift

White House, Microsoft, and SAG-AFTRA Address Concerns Over Unauthorized AI Images of Taylor Swift.

Major Institutions Including the White House and Microsoft Address AI-Generated Inappropriate Images of Taylor Swift
Concerns have been raised at the highest levels regarding sexually explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift. Key organizations such as The White House, Microsoft, and SAG-AFTRA have engaged in the dialogue, contemplating the implications of this controversy on the future of AI technology and discussing measures to prevent similar occurrences.

The issue gained traction when offensive, artificially-created images of Swift began spreading on social media this week. One such image notably amassed over 47 million views on Twitter before the responsible account was taken down after extensive reporting by Swift’s fans. 404 Media identified the origins of these viral images to a Telegram group chat known for sharing AI-generated material, some of which was reportedly created using Microsoft’s AI tool, Designer.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in a conversation with NBC News, described the company’s reaction to the images as one of alarm and urgency. He emphasized the need for prompt action against unauthorized sexually explicit deepfake images and highlighted the company’s commitment to making the online world safer for both creators and consumers. Nadella underscored Microsoft’s responsibility in implementing safeguards around their technology to ensure the generation of safer content.

White House, Microsoft, and SAG-AFTRA Address Concerns Over Unauthorized AI Images of Taylor Swift.

From the White House, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed the administration’s concern during a news briefing, as reported by Reuters. She hinted at potential legislative measures by Congress and urged social media platforms to play their part in halting the spread of such content.

SAG-AFTRA, in their statement, advocated for the criminalization of creating and distributing non-consensual lewd fake images. They emphasized the urgency of regulating such technologies and endorsed the Preventing Deepfakes of Intimate Images Act, proposed by US Rep. Joe Morelle. The union also referenced a recent incident involving an AI-generated “comedy special” mimicking George Carlin, now subject to a lawsuit from Carlin’s estate, and stressed the importance of protecting human creativity from AI exploitation.

In other AI news, Guns N’ Roses released an AI-generated music video for “The General,” and projects involving Jimmy Stewart and Edith Piaf (with consent) are underway.

Despite this controversy and unrelated accusations from Fox News, Taylor Swift is moving forward with her career. She is about to embark on the next leg of “The Eras Tour,” set to continue through December, with ticket information available for her North American and international shows.

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