Viral Tale: Man Claims ChatGPT Helped Him Find Love Among 5,000 Tinder Matches

Viral Tale: Man Claims ChatGPT Helped Him Find Love Among 5,000 Tinder Matches. A story has captured widespread attention on social media, with a man claiming that he leveraged ChatGPT to connect with more than 5,000 women on Tinder, ultimately leading him to meet his future wife.

Since ChatGPT’s emergence in early 2023, its myriad applications have fascinated over a billion users, ranging from dodging parking fines to creating an alarm clock, among other inventive uses.

The spotlight recently turned to a Twitter user who announced his engagement to a woman he met through a Tinder bot powered by ChatGPT. The bot facilitated matches and conversations with 5,239 women, culminating in face-to-face meetings. He recounted having up to six dates in a single day due to the bot’s efficiency. After meeting his fiancée, Karina, he retired the various ChatGPT bot versions he had been experimenting with.

Viral Tale Man Claims ChatGPT Helped Him Find Love Among 5,000 Tinder Matches

Aleksandr Zhadan, the man behind the story, revealed on January 30, 2024, that he had been engaging with his now-fiancée through ChatGPT for a year before proposing.

Despite the buzz, skepticism surrounds the veracity of his claim. Critics have cast doubt on the tale, citing Zhadan’s questionable background, including allegations of faked credentials. Some community members who delved into his history suggest that his lack of development skills might indicate the story is more about seeking attention than a genuine account.

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