Sweet Selections: My Top 10 Candy Favorites, Ranked by Personal Preference

Sweet Selections: My Top 10 Candy Favorites, Ranked by Personal Preference

What’s your favorite candy?

Bernie’s Confectionery Countdown: A Sugary Saga

Struggling to pick just one favorite out of my top 10, I’ve arranged my list in the order of my preference.

  1. Coffee Crisp – It’s like sipping a frothy cappuccino, except you’re actually crunching into a chocolate bar. Who needs coffee breaks when you have these?
  2. Smarties – The eternal debate: Do the red ones really taste more red? Canada’s answer to philosophical inquiries about taste and color wrapped in a candy-coated shell.
  3. Aero – The only bar that lets you literally eat air and enjoy it. Each bubble is a testament to Canada’s commitment to innovation in chocolate voids.
  4. Caramilk – The Da Vinci Code of candies. The secret of how the caramel gets inside has puzzled Canadians for generations. Spoiler alert: It’s still a secret.
  5. Mackintosh’s Toffee – Tougher than a Canadian winter and just as sweet. A true test of dental durability.
  6. Maynards Wine Gums – The sophisticated candy that whispers, “I’m an adult,” while defiantly chewing on what is essentially a wine-flavored gummy bear.
  7. Kinder Surprise – Banned in countries less brave, this chocolate egg harbors a toy, making every bite a gamble. Will it be a cute figurine or an assembly-required puzzle that challenges your sanity?
  8. Glosette – The ultimate movie companion, proving that anything can be improved with a chocolate dip. Yes, even raisins.
  9. Mr. BigBecause when your this big, they call you mister… When you can’t decide between a snack or a meal: Why not both? This bar is the culinary equivalent of a bear hug, in chocolate form.
  10. Thrills Gum – It tastes like soap, because who hasn’t wondered about eating soap at least once? Thrills makes that dream a questionable reality.

Sweet Selections: My Top 10 Candy Favorites, Ranked by Personal Preference

In wrapping up this sugary journey, it’s clear that each candy on this list holds a special place in my heart, ranked thoughtfully according to my personal tastes. From the airy bubbles of an Aero to the mysterious depths of a Caramilk bar, these treats go beyond mere flavors; they are markers of moments, memories, and the pure joy found in a simple piece of candy. As diverse and delightful as these selections are, they represent more than just confectionery preferences—they are a testament to the sweet simplicity and universal pleasure of indulging in our favorite treats.

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