Russian Intelligence Suspected in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cyberattack, Following Similar Microsoft Breach

Russian Intelligence Suspected in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cyberattack, Following Similar Microsoft Breach. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently disclosed a security breach in an SEC filing, revealing a hack by suspected Russian intelligence, similar to an earlier Microsoft filing. This major cloud service provider, formerly part of Hewlett-Packard, reported the cyberattack late Wednesday, marking it as the second major US internet company targeted this month.

In the SEC filing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise detailed the January 12 notification of a breach, which compromised emails of its cybersecurity staff and others. Following Microsoft’s report last Friday, where senior executive and security professional emails were stolen, HPE’s announcement adds to the concerns. Microsoft’s filing indicated the hackers sought information on their own activities.

HPE’s systems were first breached in May 2023, with hackers accessing a small portion of Office 365 mailboxes, mainly from cybersecurity and marketing departments. Both HPE and Microsoft, serving numerous government and defense clients, attribute the attacks to a Russian SVR-linked group, the same behind the extensive 2020 SolarWinds breach impacting several federal agencies.


Russian Intelligence Suspected in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cyberattack, Following Similar Microsoft Breach

Chris Krebs of SentinelOne and former cybersecurity head at the Department of Homeland Security commented on HPE’s significant role in cloud services and networking, especially following its recent $14 billion Juniper Networks acquisition. Krebs suggested the SVR’s aim might be to uncover potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain, similar to the SolarWinds incident.

These tech companies’ disclosures align with stricter regulations for reporting hacking incidents. Both firms are yet to ascertain the financial impact of these breaches, indicating a cautious approach to disclosure. They are collaborating with law enforcement and continue their investigations.

US intelligence agencies have not responded to inquiries for comments as of yet.



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