Reunited Twins: A TikTok Miracle Unveils Georgia’s Dark History of Illegal Adoptions

Reunited Twins: A TikTok Miracle Unveils Georgia’s Dark History of Illegal Adoptions

Thanks to TikTok, two twin sisters who were illegally sold at birth have been reunited. These twins, originally from Georgia, were separated and adopted by different families. The remarkable story began a decade ago when one of the twins, Amy Khvitia, noticed a girl who looked exactly like her on Georgia’s Got Talent. This girl, Ano Sartania, performed on the show, sparking curiosity among those who knew Amy. However, at the time, it was dismissed as a coincidence.

Years later, Ano stumbled upon a TikTok video of a girl with blue hair getting her eyebrow pierced, who closely resembled her. Determined to find this look-alike, Ano reached out for help through a WhatsApp group, eventually leading her to connect with Amy on Facebook. Initially, they didn’t realize they were sisters, but they agreed to meet in person and were astonished by their striking resemblance.

As they got to know each other, they uncovered more similarities, including being born in the same hospital, albeit with birth certificates indicating different birth dates. Both shared a passion for dancing and had a genetic condition called dysplasia. They decided to confront their families, only to discover that both sets of parents had adopted them as newborns. It turned out that their mothers couldn’t have children and had paid to adopt babies from the hospital, unaware that their adopted child was a twin.

Reunited Twins A TikTok Miracle Unveils Georgia’s Dark History of Illegal Adoptions

Wanting answers, they joined a Facebook group dedicated to reuniting Georgian families with children who may have been illegally adopted. Through this group, they met another woman who believed her twin sisters had been born in the same hospital. DNA tests confirmed that all three were siblings, with Amy and Ano being twins, and they also discovered two other siblings.

The twins were eventually reunited with their birth mother, Aza, who had been told her babies had died after she fell into a coma following their birth. This heartwarming reunion sheds light on the dark history of illegal adoptions in Georgia, where as many as 100,000 babies were illegally adopted since the 1950s on the ‘black baby market.’ The government took action in the early 2000s to address this issue and strengthen anti-trafficking laws.”

To learn more about this incredible story and Georgia’s history of illegal adoptions, you can watch the BBC episode ‘Betrayal at Birth: Georgia’s Stolen Children.’

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