Lebanese Molokhia – which is a jews mallow (jute leaves) hearty healthy stew served over rice.

Lebanese Molokhia – which is a jews mallow (jute leaves) hearty healthy stew served over rice.

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Molokhia is one of those classic Lebanese recipes that I grew up eating and learned how to make from my mom. It’s a jews mallow stew made with shredded pieces of tender chicken cooked in a lemony broth and served over Lebanese rice.




  • Start by cleaning the molokhia leaves. They often have large thick stems or yellow or dark leaves that should be discarded. Do your best to pick out what you can.
  • Then rinse it well a few times while running your hands through it. Make sure to squeeze out the liquid until the water runs clear. This step also takes about 15-20 minutes minutes. But then you’re ready to cook it all together.


  1. Make the chicken broth by cooking together chicken breast and thighs with onions, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and water. You can skip this step if you already have cooked chicken and broth. Strain the chicken broth and set it aside.
  2. In the same pot, cook the cilantro and garlic with olive until it’s fragrant. You can also cook the onions at this time.
  3. Add the washed molokhia along with the spices and sauté until well combined.
  4. Add the chicken broth on top of the sauteed molokhia and cook covered. This is a good time to roast some onions in the oven which enhances the flavor of the final dish!
  5. When the chicken broth thickens and the molokhia softens, add roasted onions, shredded chicken and lemon juice or lemon slices.
  6. Allow everything to simmer together so the flavors set, and then serve.




  1. Pick any large stems off the molokhia. This is a tedious step but will result in softer leaves with more flavor.
  2. Take the time to wash the molokhia properly until the water runs clear. This not only removes excess dirt from the dried leaves, but also improves the common slimy texture that molokhia has.
  3. Fry the onions with the cilantro and garlic instead of roasting. This is another option which is very popular and allows everything to happen in one pot. However, roasting the onions is something I learned from my mom, and it adds so much extra flavor!
  4. Adjust the liquid to your taste. I start with 8 cups of water to boil with the chicken, which usually yields a little less. You can start with more water to yield more chicken broth or just add more water during the cooking process.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Lebanese Molokhia – which is a jews mallow (jute leaves) hearty healthy stew served over rice.


Where do I find the jute leaves to use for this recipe?


You can use fresh, dried or frozen jute leaves for this recipe. I have only found them at Middle Eastern stores. I prefer to use the dried leaves which come in 7-8 ounce cardboard boxes.


How do I make this recipe with the frozen molokhia?


You can skip the cleaning step and add the frozen molokhia to the sauteed cilantro and garlic. There’s no need to thaw the molokhia first; just allow it to cook in the pot and then add the chicken broth.


How can you make the molokhia less slimy?


Washing and rinsing the molokhia helps to alleviate the slime, which is similar to the texture of cooked okra. Placing whole lemon slices in the pot also cuts through some of that slime, so I highly recommend it. Also dont get chopped, get whole leaves instead.


What do you serve molokhia with?


You can actually have this on its own like a soup, but it’s most commonly enjoyed over Lebanese Rice or any other type of rice. For a low carb option, try it with quinoa or cauliflower rice.

OPTIONAL TIP: Some people mince fresh onions in vinegar and garnish plate with table spoonfuls of it as desired. Also you can toast pita bread and break into plate to absorb the stew.


Lebanese Molokhia – which is a jews mallow (jute leaves) hearty healthy stew served over rice. VIDEO


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