Iran Accused of Orchestrating Assassination Plot on U.S. Soil with Canadian Operatives

Iran Accused of Orchestrating Assassination Plot on U.S. Soil with Canadian Operatives. According to an indictment, Iran is accused of hiring Canadians to carry out assassinations on American soil. The scheme allegedly involved a payment of $350,000 to execute multiple shootings targeting individuals in Maryland. Two Canadians are said to have agreed to perform these assassinations for Iran’s intelligence services. The planned victims included a Maryland couple, one of whom is an Iranian defector.

The U.S. Department of Justice revealed the charges on Monday, detailing the accused’s intention to receive $350,000 for the job. This revelation comes amidst heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran, following the death of three U.S. military personnel in an attack by an Iran-supported militia.

The indictment names Canadian Damion Patrick John Ryan, a Hells Angels member, and Adam Richard Pearson, a Canadian living illegally in Minnesota, as the main suspects. They were purportedly recruited by an Iranian drug dealer, Naji Ibrahim Sharifi-Zindashti, acting under instructions from an officer in Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security. Pearson allegedly vowed to enlist individuals to execute the targets with headshots, emphasizing the need to make an example of them.

Iran Accused of Orchestrating Assassination Plot on U.S. Soil with Canadian Operatives

In a separate development, the U.S. imposed financial sanctions on Zindashti’s network, accusing it of conducting assassinations and kidnappings globally for the Iranian government, with oversight from MOIS officer Reza Hamidiravari. The U.S. Treasury Department condemned Iran’s international targeting of dissidents, reflecting the regime’s insecurities.

The intended Maryland targets were not disclosed, but authorities confirmed that the assassination plot was thwarted before execution.

U.S. prosecutor Andrew Luger praised the disruption of this conspiracy, ensuring the defendants will face justice. Ryan is currently detained in Canada on unrelated firearms charges, while Pearson, apprehended by the FBI in 2021 and extradited to Canada, faces charges related to a past murder in Alberta.

Both are now charged in the U.S. with conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities in a murder-for-hire plot, alongside Zindashti. Pearson faces additional firearms charges. These allegations have yet to be proven in court.

As of last update in April 2023, the “Zindashti’s network” referred to in the context of the alleged assassination plot on U.S. soil involving Iranian and Canadian operatives is likely a criminal organization allegedly run by Naji Ibrahim Sharifi-Zindashti. This network is accused of being involved in various illegal activities, including drug trafficking, assassinations, and kidnappings.

According to the indictment and U.S. authorities, Zindashti’s network is believed to operate with the backing or under the directive of the Iranian government, specifically the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). The U.S. government alleges that in exchange for protection from the Iranian state, Zindashti’s group carries out operations against dissidents and opponents of the Iranian regime both within Iran and internationally. These operations are said to include assassinations and kidnappings conducted on multiple continents.

Iran Accused of Orchestrating Assassination Plot on U.S. Soil with Canadian Operatives

The U.S. Treasury Department’s actions against this network, such as imposing financial sanctions, suggest that it is viewed as a significant threat, not only due to its criminal activities but also because of its potential ties to the Iranian government. These ties imply a level of state-sponsored criminal activity, which is a serious concern for international law enforcement and diplomatic relations.

It’s important to note that these allegations and the nature of Zindashti’s network would be subject to ongoing legal and diplomatic scrutiny, and further details might emerge over time.

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