Exploring the Link Between Historical Firefighting Techniques and Heart Function: Insights from Physics

Exploring the Link Between Historical Firefighting Techniques and Heart Function: Insights from Physics. The science underpinning firefighting techniques developed three centuries ago has potential implications for understanding heart function. Presently, water pressure technology is widespread, and everyone from shower users to garden waterers to firefighters benefits from innovations made to control it. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, achieving a consistent water flow without pressure drops was a significant innovation.

During the Great Fire of London in 1666, the city, primarily built of wooden structures, suffered devastating losses due to the inadequacy of bucket brigades, the main firefighting method at the time. The fire led to the destruction of numerous homes and churches, underscoring the urgency for improved firefighting techniques and equipment.

A key development was the “sucking worm,” a leather hose connected to hand-operated pumps. Following this was the Windkessel, a device in a wooden wagon that used compressed air to pump water continuously through a hose, ensuring a steady flow.

Researchers in the American Journal of Physics delved into a 1725 fire engine that pumped water farther and faster than before. They studied the Windkessel effect in the pressure chamber to understand the physics behind this lasting and widely used technology.

Trevor Lipscombe, an author, observed, “There are numerous intriguing physics challenges in historical texts and papers. We’ve recently been applying basic fluid mechanics to biological systems and noticed a recurring medical journal description: the heart functioning as a Windkessel. This led us to question what a Windkessel really is. Our research then led us to Lofting’s ‘sucking worm’ and Newsham’s fire engine, both of which had significant life-saving impacts.”

The authors analyzed various factors affecting the Windkessel effect, including the chamber’s initial state, the water input rate from bucket brigades, the duration of pressure buildup, and its impact on the output flow rate.

Exploring the Link Between Historical Firefighting Techniques and Heart Function: Insights from Physics

Lipscombe added, “Confronted with Lofting’s design or the Newsham fire engine, a physicist seeks to unravel the fundamental science involved, simply out of curiosity. There’s pleasure in practicing physics, but it’s also educational. Our paper presents a simple model explaining the Newsham fire engine’s operation, addressing the question of the practical use of physics.”

The team is now looking to study the Windkessel in the heart-aorta system.

Lipscombe stated, “Our model incorporating Bernoulli’s law, the ideal gas law, and isothermal expansion helped us understand this device’s function. By gaining a better grasp of this system, we could identify key parameters and explore how alterations might enhance the device.

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