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Why your website needs a custom WordPress Website.

MiltonMarketing.com WordPress Premium plan

Theme maintenance

Every WordPress theme needs maintenance, and it can be time consuming and complicated when it comes to modifying code. Let our experts handle it for you. Learn More…

WordPress development

Want to install a plugin? Maybe change your config file? We got it covered. 🙂 Learn More…

Database management

Permalinks, MySQL optimization and fixing connection strings. Not so fun. We can do it for you. Learn More…

Website evaluation

Getting your site indexed on Google and optimizing your page can be confusing. Fortunately, our experts can take care the SEO for you.. Learn More…

Administrative updates

Let us handle the boring stuff, like optimizing your images and setting up redirects. That way you can focus on running your business. Learn More…

WordPress Core

Having problems with your WordPress installation or other core issues? Let our web expert WordPress developers take care of it for you. Learn More…

Cache – Hosting & Domain Name

We setup and install the hosting, and domain name. ie: www.yourdomainname.com

We install and setup an SSL certificate.

We install and setup cloudflare services.

We install and setup WordPress caches or W3 CACHE Plugin.

We install and setup security features to prevent hacks and optimize your websites speed.

Starting at $50 CDN per month

Buy a website package from MiltonMarketing.com

About Us : MiltonMarketing.com is a digital marketing agency located in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Our services are intricately rendered to give your company the needed edge in the online competitive market. At MiltonMarketing.com, we ensure the precision and quality of every task to exceed your expectations. Your success is our ultimate goal.

With MiltonMarketing.com there is no need to fret if you know little about web technology. Our team managers will make you feel comfortable and will provide you with the necessary information you need to know. We will guide you through every step on your way to success in the realm of digital marketing. Unless your more of a DIY (Do it yourself) guide follower. In that case jump right into our blog and search away. Help is just a click or tap away. Using the bottom right hand of your screen there is a black and green chat bubble. Use that to speak with a live web expert now, or use our online contact form.

MiltonMarketing.com is determined to build long and fruitful relationships with your organization. We strive to understand the nature of your company and to supplement it with the best possible solution. We build our relationships on trust and simply do the best we can to give your company the boost it deserves.

We carefully build our team and care about our people’s needs to ensure you get the right combination of experience and innovation.

Finally, we offer a free blog that is practically our support helpdesk questions and answers, DIY (Do it yourself guides) filled with 10+ years worth of computer programming and IT consults and experience. Our knowledge-base is targeted for the beginner all the way up to the advanced level programmer.

Check out our Free Education Categories: 

Learn JavaScript tapHere();

Learn Python tapHere();

Learn HTML < p > Tap Here. < /p >

Learn CSS $”tapHere”.css ()

Learn Alice this.button.tapHere

Learn Unity3D tapHere();

Learn Visual C# tapHere();

Learn PHP < ? php tapHere(); ? >

Learn with PDF books from our Download section

Local Milton Ontario Canada Events Calendar

We understand coding can be difficult for beginners, computer or device setups can be trivial. This is why we offer FREE online help from a web expert:

  1. You can contact us by filling out our online contact  form here.
  2. Another method (pending availability) is you can activate the squared green chat bubble with the black background on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Its located on the online form here. It looks like this: once activated it will bring up a chat window which allows you to speak live and get direct help from a web expert.
  3. Yet another method (pending availability) only available in Canada. Remote desktop assistance, or remote device assistance. A web expert can help you setup / configure / tutor / troubleshoot / etc… remotely using TeamViewer. To see if your device is compatible with TeamViewer read which operating systems are supported on TeamViewer.

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