Facebook faces investigation by privacy commissioner over RBC access

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Facebook faces investigation by privacy commissioner over RBC access. A Facebook spokesman said Royal Bank had the power to read, write and delete private messages by Facebook members, The Tyee reported on Jan. 30 Canada’s privacy commissioner is looking into complaints about whether Facebook Inc. gave Royal Bank of Canada access to private information of users of the [...]

Flipboard Account Security Notice

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Flipboard Account Security Notice - Flipboard User Data Hacked. The company Flipboard is sending the following to all its users in a transparency bid. The following is the email being sent to all users: Dear Flipboard Community, We are writing to let you know about a security incident we recently identified and addressed involving a subset [...]

Introduction to JavaScript – Control Flow: if/else Statements

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Introduction to JavaScript – Control Flow: if/else Statements The core task of programming is writing lists of instructions for computers, or translating our ideas from human-speak to computer-speak. Let’s learn how we can ask JavaScript to think like us and make decisions the way we do. We’ll start with human-speak. Many decisions we make everyday boil down to [...]

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